Services We Provide


HUCAS archaeologists are experienced in carrying out Phase I, II, and III archaeological projects. We offer a full range of services including background research, cataloging, artifact analysis, faunal analysis, and report writing.

Staff members meet the U.S. Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Qualifications Standards for Archaeology.


HUCAS has experts in osteological identification and analysis who can provide biological profiles for individual or commingled human remains. In addition, we can conduct bone chemistry analyses for geographic origin, residential history, and dietary reconstruction.

We are able to identify bone as human or non-human for your agency.

Many bones can be identified through photographs and video. Contact us at or 612-434-5783.

If the bone is not identifiable through a photograph or video, you can transfer the material to us for identification.

Transfer Procedure:

We request that you contact us in advance ( or 612-434-5783) and include any relevant information either in the container with the bone to be identified, or electronically in advance of drop-off. Depending on the situation, you may be asked to fill out and return a form for our records. Please park in Parking Lot E. An employee can meet you there to receive the material.

Burial Assessment and Recovery

Our staff is experienced in performing burial assessments to determine the presence of burial grounds and prevent disturbance or displacement of human remains. In the event of inadvertent disturbance of burials, HUCAS staff has experience in the respectful recovery of human remains in order to facilitate reburial.

Within the past decade, HUCAS has performed numerous recoveries of displaced human burials in locations throughout Minnesota. These include multi-year efforts as well as smaller-scale recoveries. We work in close consultation with the Minnesota Indian Affairs Council, the Minnesota Office of the State Archaeologist, and descendant communities.


As a part of Hamline University, HUCAS staff offers an archaeology field school. Several staff members currently teach in the University Anthropology Department.