Research & Projects

Grand Meadow Chert Quarry/Wanhi Yukan

A project in collaboration with Mower County Historical Society investigating an open-pit chert quarry in southeastern Minnesota.

The Grand Meadow Chert Quarry page at the Mower County Historical Society 

Mountain Iron Cemetery

A project investigating a historic cemetery in the community of Mountain Iron, Minnesota. 

Four views of a piece of worked pipestone. This object was sawn partially through on two faces and broken off from a larger piece.

Red Rock Ridge Research Group

The Red Rock Ridge Research Group is made up of Indigenous elders and archaeologists that have been researching the cultural sites on the Red Rock Ridge, including Jeffers Petroglyphs, for twenty-five years. We have practiced Indigenous-centered archaeology with a primary goal of preserving the Ridge’s cultural sites and the integrity of their sacred landscape. 

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Three students stand around a 1 meter by 2 meter excavation unit in a lawn. Another student is standing in the excavation up to their waist.

Hamline History Project

Student excavations on Hamline Campus and in the Hamline-Midway Neighborhood.

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3d scans